• Carrier Pretest and Homologation

    Main LATAM carrier pretest
    Low homologation risk
    Reduced TTM
    Full support for Mexican carriers homologation
    Deep knowledge of technical specs.

  • Field Test

    All latam countries coverage
    Flexible test plan execution
    Skilled human resources
    Drive test support
    Drive Tests troubleshooting and analysis
    R&D chipset testing

  • RF Lab Test

    Wide knowledge in LATAM carrier RF testing
    R&D expertise and skills in Rohde&Shwartz and Agilent equipments in all technologies 2G, 3G and 4G
    RF Scripts for LATAM carriers LTE/3G/2G
    Approved operator shieldboxes for official RF testing

  • Battery Consumption

    Controlled Lab scenarios with measurement equipments
    LTE/3G/2G battery life in standby and call scenario
    EndUser campaigns with multimedia scenarios
    Datasheet validations

  • Aplication testing

    App testing in development stage
    Flexible test case for any app requirement
    Close cooperation with developer

  • Mobile OS testing

    End User experience validation
    Performance testing
    Embbeded app performance testing
    Experience OS log taking

  • Telecom Consulting

    Proven telecom expertise in Latin America
    Wide knowledge of LATAM operators.
    Expertise in protocol layers and 3GPP standards (GSM, WCDMA, LTE)

  • Web Service Solutions

    Bugzilla service for bug tracking
    R&D DRM server for further testing in all modes
    OTA Download testing with DRM content.
    FOTA server support for several devices load.
    Own FTP server for file sharing

  • Translation and proofreading

    Traslation support for several languages
    Menu by menu check
    Minimize of bad translation for several languages in device UI
    Avoid of any delay regarding translation in homologation process

  • End User BETA testing

    Large end user campaing to test an app in serveral devices
    Own reporting platform for bug follow up
    End User management
    Performance along several devices oriented