MOTS was founded by Mario Murillo in April 2010. After 10 years as Field Tester & Testing manager in Nokia, Mario decided to bring his experience in mobile phone knowledge to Mexico, in order to create a company specialized in testing services at the LATAM Mexican world.

MOTS is a Mexican company founded in Guadalajara, as this city is part of a new project to develop technology and innovation: The new mexican Silicon Valley. Guadalajara is the capital of the best technology formation thanks to the variety of universities dedicated teach telecom & electronic knowledge, from universities like UDG, ITESO, TEC and CINVESTAV.

MOTS has helped in many projects through Latin America like Brazil, Venezuela, Jamaica, Barbados and Mexico with TOP players in telecom world. The RF Lab & internal innovative testing solutions permits us to cover all the requierements from carriers, however, the main focus is to provide a good service to the end user.


MOTS as a Technologic Mexican company, since 2010 we focus on delivering support to innovative companies that search to validate their mobile products in LATAM, USA & Canada; experimenting a unique process and flexible with us based on a business model: Field Test and a dynamic team of experts in telecommunications.


  • Loyalty and professional etics
  • Focus on customer
  • Teamwork on telecom experts
  • Time to market

We can also perform field test and/or pretests at any LATAM country, we have everything to make your testing true and reliable


Become the Partner of choice in the test services area, being the best testing company in LATAM.