Is a solution to perform testing in handsets in a automatize way. It is focused to show a real status of several KPI (Key Performance Indicator) of a handset performance like an End User.

  • Cost and time savings
  • Quickly and easily generate details of maturity status and comparative results
  • Extensive qualitative and quantitative measurements (>100 KPIs reported)
  • Performance evaluations with simultaneous comparisons to both customer criteria and competitive products
  • Allows unlimited devices or networks to be tested in parallel.
  • Focus on QoE and QoS
  • Automated solution optimizes resources
  • 3 to 10 times more efficient than manual or PC controlled automation solutions
  • Replaces unreliable manual testing
  • Enhances regression testing and debug activities
  • Offers a ready-made test scenario and supports DIY scenarios with easy profiling capability
  • The latest software is always updated online.

SmartViser performs up to 100 KPI scenarios, to see a Report
Example, click here.

Below you can find some important KPI results:

Multiple KPIs monitored to assess QoE - for comparison / benchmarking

Mixed indicators reporting stability, reliability, maturity and quality

Field test indicators reporting QoS (Service and System)